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Are you in search of 2016 (latest) top primary school exam papers for your kids? Many parents realize that if their kids does well in the past years top school exam papers, then they will probably be able to perform well this coming year..

On the other hand, will this be true? How do you assess your kid’s improvement in class.  Read more …

2016 test papers

Soft copy (download  version) VS Hard copy (print – out version)

A lot of parents aren’t sure if they should buy the soft-copy  (download version)  or perhaps the hard-copy (printed-out version) exam papers.  We would strongly recommend the soft copy (Download version) test papers to our clients.

 Here are a few benefits of obtaining the soft-copy (Download version):

1. Less expensive when compared with the hard copy

2. You can receive it immediately, don’t have to wait for a delivery man to arrive

3. Print it out merely if you require it, this help to save storage area in your home

4. An easy task to offer your friends or relatives who’ve Pri 1 to 6 kids, simply send them an email about the pdf file

5. Can re-print every single set for you child to practice it at another time (to check if your child understand the question well or otherwise not)

Listed here are the top school’s 2016 exam papers which we provided, which includes English, Maths, Science and Chinese. The Test papers included CA1, CA2, SA1 and SA 2.

exam papers 2016

 Download Exam Papers – Test Papers


 3 Easy and Simple Steps:

  Download the  Exam Papers  Print it out  using your Printer  Let your kid  practice It


Download 2016 Primary 1 Exam papers

Download 2016 Primary 2 Exam Papers

Download 2016 Primary 3 Exam Papers

Download 2016 Primary 4 Exam Papers

Download 2016 Primary 5 Exam Papers

Download 2016 Primary 6 Exam Papers

Download 2016 Primary 1-6 (All Levels) Exam Papers


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